Cell Phone and Mobile Tower Radiation How to Stay Safe

Corona Virus COVID-19 Treatment Guideline by Prof Dr Robed Amin

Coronavirus aka COVID-19 is now storming many countries including Bangladesh. The testing facility is increased many folds. So there are a lot of new cases are detected daily. Still, the case detection rate is lowest in the world considering millions of people. Recently Govt was pressurized to open garments factory to fight ongoing severe economic loss by BGMEA. Bangladesh is the second-largest garment exporting country after China. Lockdown on the garments factory has a tremendous effect on GDP. Healthcare workers including doctors, nurses are working round the clock to ensure proper care of COVID-19 affected patients. Other frontline workers including Polices, journalists are also getting affected daily. I am also posted now in a Coronavirus dedicated hospital in Jashore. Today I am sharing a post written by Professor Dr. Robed Amin. This guideline is effective and easy to remember.

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