Corona Virus COVID-19 Treatment Guideline by Prof Dr Robed Amin

Corona Virus Treatment Guildeline PDF Download

Coronavirus is declared pandemic now. It is spreading at a very fast rate. Most of the countries are affected somehow. Some can manage it efficiently and some are getting burned. Europe and America both are under tremendous pressure. Some people are considering it Third World War against coronavirus or named it as COVID-19. Every day something new is discovered regarding this deadly virus. Scientists are trying to find a cure or vaccine to prevent complications. Healthcare professionals are at great risk of getting affected by the coronavirus. Even using proper Personal Protective Equipment is not a safeguard against this virus. Coronavirus was first detected at the end of December. Doctors and Epidemiologist were trying to make govt listen. But most of the leaders of the world did not pay proper attention. Now they are facing horrible consequences. This biological warfare has taught us who is the real enemy of humankind. Hope the world leaders will develop a new strategy to prevent such outbreak in future. In the meantime its time to survive. Likewise My country Bangladesh has very poor preparation. The situation is still not scary. But it will be very soon. The healthcare facility is the least concern of responsible ministry.


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